Top 10 Best Scooter Helmets For The Money In 2023 Reviews

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You might agree when I say that your head is one of the most important parts of your body. If you ride a scooter, you may be having a hard time locating the best helmet for you. Wearing a helmet on a scooter can help protect your body while riding. Riding is dangerous enough, so consider getting a dash-camera for added protection, too!

It turns out that finding the best scooter helmets can dramatically decrease chances of skull damage during any unexpected accident.

Throughout this article, we will cover the top 10 scooter helmets on the market.

Following the reviews, you’ll find a buyer’s guide for key factors to pay attention to while purchasing one.

Keep reading for great information!

best Scooter Helmets

Top 10 Best Scooter Helmets To Buy Of 2023 Reviews

NameMaterialVisor Face Protection?WeightWarranty
Polycarbonate / ABS Shell
Visor Face Protection?
Full Face Visor
3.5 lbs
5 years
Extended Polystyrene Liner
Visor Face Protection?
Half Face Visor
2.2 lbs
5 years
ABS Shell, Extended Polystyrene Liner
Visor Face Protection?
No Face Protection
Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
Visor Face Protection?
Half Face Visor
4 lbs
Thermoplastic Shell
Visor Face Protection?
Full Face Visor
4.25 lbs
Thermoplastic Shell
Visor Face Protection?
Half Face Visor
2.95 lbs
Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
Visor Face Protection?
Bubble Visor
3.6 lbs
Thermoplastic Shell
Visor Face Protection?
Full Face Visor
3.15 lbs
ABS shell, cloth liner
Visor Face Protection?
No Face Protection
0.9 lbs
High Grade Fabric
Visor Face Protection?
No Face Protection
1.85 lbs

An In-Depth Review of The Best Scooter Helmets

1 Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Street Helmet is a heavy-duty helmet that is sure to protect your head in any occurrence. Bell Helmets have been in the market of making helmets since 1954 and know exactly what your head needs. Putting your trust in this company is sure to pay off.

This helmet is made with a durable polycarbonate and ABS shell. These materials are two of the strongest plastics available. Upon impact, the plastic distributes the force throughout the helmet’s outside layer. This adds to impact resistance and minimizes any damage done to your skull.

This full-face helmet has an easy quick release shield made for fast shield replacement if damaged in any way. The shield is ultraviolet light protectant and has anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. This protects you from visualization issues while riding.

Not a fan of road and wind noise? This revolutionary helmet has a padded wind collar. This prevents noise that occurs while riding. Ride comfortably and focus on what’s really important with this incredible feature.

Internally, the lining is antibacterial and won’t hold bacteria. This means that no matter how much you sweat, bacteria cannot sustain life inside this helmet. If you notice your lining needs a wash, it is removable and fully washable. Just throw it in the washing machine and air dry after.

If you like listening to music on your rides, this helmet has an integrated speaker pocket. Just slip in a pair of your helmet headphones and enjoy the music. Still listening to cassettes? This neat device can solve your problems.

If you ever run into a problem with your Bell Qualifier Street Helmet, they have a 5-year limited warranty. If there are any manufacturing problems that arise within a five-year period, contact Bell and they’ll help you out. You should never have to worry about getting a new helmet after finding a great one!

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Strong external polycarbonate material
  • Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog, UV Protectant shield
  • Wind collar to prevent external noise
  • Antibacterial and removable inner lining
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Comes with clear visor, not tinted

2 Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Vega Helmets have been in business since 1994 and focus on safety of all riders. This experienced company made the Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet to protect your skull from impact. This helmet is one of the top 10 helmets currently on the market due to its durability.

Made with an EPS, or extended polystyrene lining, this helmet is highly impact resistant. EPS liners are designed to absorb impact force and distributes it, so your skull won’t become damaged. This lining also provides your helmet with ventilation so you don’t overheat on your ride.

The Rebel Warrior Helmet has a drop-down sun visor. This is UV protected and can block anything from getting into your eyes while riding. It is lightweight and easy to use by just sliding it downwards.

One unique aspect of this helmet is its adjustable neck strap. There is a dial on the strap which allows you to change the tightness of it for a customizable ride. You won’t have to worry about your helmet sliding off!

If you tend to produce a lot of sweat, this helmet has something great for you! The internal lining is fully moisture wicking and doesn’t hold water. This not only keeps you cooler, but it makes your ride lighter as there isn’t any retained water weight.

The Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet covers the top of your head and doesn’t have a chin protectant area. Keep this in mind when purchasing!

Lastly, this helmet has a five-year warranty. Depending on what issue you see fit, contact Vega and they can talk you through aid or replacement.

Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Protectant EPS Lining
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Lightweight, only 2.2 pounds, great for long rides
  • Moisture wicking inner lining
  • Only covers half your head

3 Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

This Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is a top helmet for those who ride scooters. Its durability and impact resistant qualities make for a good helmet. No matter what you may run into on your ride, the Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet has you covered.

This helmet is made with an EPS foam liner. This stands for extended polystyrene and is common in many helmets. It is impact resistant and cradles your head upon impact. The foam layer creates great cushioning of your head and skull.

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is quite breathable. It is built with eleven air holes for ventilation. These open vents allow air to access your head and can cool you off. At the same time, the hot air being produced by your body can be released through these same holes.

The external layer of this helmet is made of ABS. ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and makes the shell great for impact protection. This ABS material paired with the EPS foam interior ensure your skull is protected on your ride.

Pro-Tec’s Classic Certified Skate Helmet has an adjustable neck strap. What does this mean? Adjustable neck straps make it so your helmet won’t slip off while riding. It can fit people of different sizes and weights.

The Classic Certified Skate Helmet comes in a variety of sizes so your head will fit. If you need to figure out the best size for you, check out their sizing guide.

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • EPS foam liner and ABS shell making it high-impact resistant
  • Air holes for ventilation
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Only covers the top of your head
  • Does not have a visor

4 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is a unique helmet that can protect your head from accidents. Its design cradles your head. The materials of this helmet are made for impact and can stop skull damages from collisions.

This shell of the 1Storm Helmet is made of thermoplastic alloy. Why does this matter? This material is lightweight, durable, and even aerodynamic. All of those characteristics are things you should look for in a great helmet.

Other than the outer shell, the internal layer also protects your head from damage. The internal layer of this helmet is thick and heavily cushioned. Your head will be comfortable and safe in all of the foam cushioning.

Also, as a bonus, this helmet is a great for those who sweat or perspire a lot. The inner layer is removeable and washable. This means that it can get dirty, but you can wash it whenever you need.

The scooter helmet is made with a finish to protect both it and you. The coating is ultraviolet light protectant so any harmful sun rays can’t get through it. Additionally, it makes for a strong, durable helmet. This helmet will always look like new, as it is scratch resistant.

There’s more! One of the most important aspects of this helmet is that it is certified by the DOT. This means it is a legal helmet that you can wear to protect against impact.

Lastly, the visor of this 1Storm Helmet keeps things from hitting your eyes and face. It is bi-layered, one being tinted and the other being clear. Get two layers of facial protection with this helmet’s double visor!

1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Made of durable thermoplastic alloy
  • Cushioned, removable inner layer
  • Clear, glossy and scratch resistant finish
  • Bi-Layer visor
  • Does not cover your entire face

5 Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017

The Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017 Open Face Helmet is a top option for riders all around. Fuel Helmets has been in the business of protecting its customers heads for years. The SH-WS0017 is a perfect example of one of their great manufacturing jobs.

This helmet is made with a lightweight thermoplastic shell. This hard and durable plastic is known for its high impact resistance. If you get into an accident, your head will be safe from danger.

Along with the high-quality materials, the outer shell has an ultraviolet light protective coating. This coating keeps dangerous sun rays out from your head. This also keeps you cooler on long rides.

Speaking of cooling, you won’t get overheated on any of your rides with the Fuel Helmet’s unique design. It is equipped with six ventilation holes on the top of the helmet. This allows the warmth from your body heat to escape. It also allows cool air to enter!

Everybody wants a helmet to fit them snugly without strangulation. This Fuel Helmet has an adjustable neck strap. It utilizes a D-ring closure to allow a perfect fit each time you wear it.

This helmet also comes with a full-face shield. It is clear and covers everything from your chin upwards. The best part? The visor is removable and can be done so easily with the undoing of a few screws.

The Fuel Helmet SH-WS0017 Open Face Helmet with Shield is a top option for anyone who loves riding. It provides excellent head and skull protection on the road.

Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Made of a durable thermoplastic shell
  • Removable inner lining and washer friendly
  • Ventilation holes for heat and air transfer
  • D-ring adjustable strap
  • Removable full-face visor
  • Room for wind to enter causing wind and road noise

6 Raider Deluxe Open Face Helmet

The Raider Delux Open Face Helmet is great for those who love riding their scooters. Raider is a brand known for their sturdy helmets and impact-resistant strength. This helmet is a perfect example of the innovative technology used with all Raider helmets.

Built with a thermoplastic shell, impact resistant ability is impeccable. Not to mention, because of the shell material, the helmet is very lightweight. This makes a great helmet for long term traveling and road trips.

This helmet comes with an easy to use snap on visor. Visors can stop you from getting things in your eyes like dirt and even bugs. Having a visor increases your line of sight and protects your eyes and face from emergencies.

The Raider Deluxe Helmet comes in four different sizes and is great for all kinds of riders.

For warm temperatures, the Raider Deluxe Helmet has forehead ventilation pockets. These allow the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside of your helmet. Never let your head become overheated again with the Raider helmet!

One unique aspect of this helmet is its zip-off neck curtain. A neck curtain, also known as a beard trim, can reduce the amount of wind that enters through your helmet. This can decrease the amount of noise made from the wind and road.

What else? Perfect for riders who enjoy their music on long rides, you can fit riding headphones in this helmet. You’ll never have to go without listening to your favorite song while riding again.

The Rider Deluxe Open Face Helmet is a great option for riders looking for a lightweight, protective, and durable helmet.

Raider Deluxe Open Face Helmet
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Made with a durable thermoplastic shell
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight
  • Easy to use snap on visor
  • Forehead ventilation pockets
  • Zip-off neck curtain
  • Can scratch easily with its glossy finish

7 Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

The Core Vintage Open Face Helmet is a perfect, classic helmet great for all kinds of riders. This retro style helmet is sure to grant you some warranted attention from all people. This helmet is great for individuals looking for the feel of an older, classical helmet.

Made with a thermoplastic alloy shell, the outer layer of this helmet is highly impact resistant. If you are in an accident, this helmet will protect your head and skull from bad damage. The lightweight character of the helmet’s material makes for a great traveling helmet.

Included with this package is a three-snap bubble visor. This shields any sun from the top of you. It can also accommodate a 5-snap visor for a full-face protective ride. The full-face shield is not included.

The interior of this helmet is made from plush nylon. This cushions your head and face while riding. It is a two-toned color. There’s more – the nylon is fully breathable for cooled comfort while riding.

The paint on this helmet is finished up with a clear scratch-resistant coating. This keeps the white paint from always looking fresh. The white paint is automotive grade and durable enough to stay on throughout all conditions.

All of the standard certifications are followed for this Core Vintage Open Face Helmet. This means that you can ride comfortably knowing you are safe and protected.

To keep the helmet secured on your head, Core developed a D-ring strap design. This allow every individual to tighten and adjust their strap how they need it. Everyone has a different head shape, so making a strap adjustable is a great feature.

Core Vintage Open Face Helmet
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Shell made with thermoplastic alloy
  • Inner cushioning of plush nylon
  • Can accommodate a sun visor
  • Scratch-resistant paint
  • D-ring neck strap
  • Does not come with a full-face sun-visor, though can fit one

8 MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet

This street legal helmet is great for all kinds of scooter and motorcycle riders. MMG makes great quality helmets. The MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet is no short of excellence.

This helmet is made with a thermoplastic shell. Thermoplastic materials are durable and highly impact-resistant. On top of that, it makes helmets very lightweight, which is perfect for long rides and trips on the road.

MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet is made to be aerodynamic. This means you can slip through the air faster and you will not cause any resistance. The shape of the helmet allows air to flow above and to its sides easily. This makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

If you ride warm, you’re probably looking for a helmet with ventilation. Thankfully, the MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet is equipped with six vents on the top of the helmet. This allows cool air in. It also allows hot air that your body is producing to escape.

The interior of this helmet is made with a comfortable and cushioning material. Everyone should be comfortable when they ride.

The MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet comes with a full-face visor. This visor is clear and protects your eyes and face from materials on the road. These could be anything from bugs to dirt to road debris. It also allows you to see clearer without wind in your eyes.

Every individual has a differently shaped head. Because of this, MMG decided to use a D-ring adjustable neck strap. This allows you to choose how tight or loose you need your strap to be. Nobody should have to have their helmet slip off mid ride!

MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Cushioned interior for comfort
  • Six ventilation sites
  • Full face visor included
  • D-ring adjustable neck strap
  • Sizing discrepancies may occur

9 Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver

This Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver is a great option for casual riders. Triple Eight is a business based out of New York City and has operated for over 15 years. They provide some of the most protective gear in the helmet industry.

The Triple Eight Helmet is built with an ABS outer shell. This stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is known for its impact protection. If you get into an accident and hit your head, the ABS shell can protect your head and skull.

Triple Eight boasts about their unique Sweatsaver cloth material they use in their lining. This is a moisture wicking material that keeps your head cool and dry. It is also treated with an antibacterial treatment. That means you won’t have to worry about bacteria growth after every use!

This helmet has seven vents on the top of it. This is perfect for riders who tend to get warm and perspire. The vents are large and allow heat transfer out and cold air to enter. This cools your body off on the hottest of days.

The Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver is designed with impact in mind. It covers the entire front and back of your head. Triple Eight calls this their multi-impact design. It means that you can hit your head in various places and not be injured.

Made to fit every person perfectly, the adjustable straps alter to fit your individual head size and shape. This prevents your helmet from slipping off or from being too tight when you’re on the go.

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Durable and impact-safe Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene shell
  • Sweatsaver lining makes for a dryer, antibacterial lining
  • Seven vents on the top of the helmet for proper airflow
  • Adjustable straps
  • Multi-impact design
  • Not CPSC, ASTM, or NZ certified

10 Goggles Vintage Style Retro Brown Half Helmet

The Goggles Vintage Style Retro Brown Half Helmet is a great novelty looking helmet for casual riders. The look of this helmet will easily transport you into a different time period. This helmet is sure to get you a great amount of attention and admiration.

Made of a high quality and grade fabric, the feel of this helmet is sure to make your rides comfortable. This helmet provides general protection from small occurrences like debris. It is not fully impact resistant, though, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

The design of this helmet is its selling point. It has a pair of built-in retro glasses that sit on the forehead of it. You can remove these glasses from the helmet with a button snap and use them as real goggles.  They can protect your eyes from dirt pickup.

Also included with the Goggles Vintage Style Retro Brown Half Helmet is a pair of removable ear muffles. These are good for four season use. In the winter and fall, they shield your ears from cold air. In the summer and spring, they can prevent the amount of wind noise you hear when traveling.

This helmet was built for aesthetic purposes, but it does have plenty of functional uses. In order to fit everyone, it has an adjustable neck or chin strap. After use of this helmet, the buckle comes undone with the touch of a button.

Lastly, there is a wind skirt on the back of this helmet. It prevents cold wind from running on your neck. This can keep you warm during colder months, or if you tend to be bothered by wind flow.

Goggles Vintage Style Retro Brown Half Helmet
Our rating:3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Made with high grade fabric
  • Useable built-in googles
  • Detachable ear muffles and wind skirt
  • One touch buckle
  • Not DOT certified
  • Only comes in one size

Best Scooter Helmets Buying Guide

When looking for a scooter helmet, there are plenty of aspects to consider. Always try to focus on features or safety precautions that the helmet provides for you. If you’re unsure of what to look for, keep reading!

best scooter helmets

Some aspects to keep in mind include:

  • Material
  • Face Shield
  • Helmet Weight
  • Warranty
  • Road Safety Rating

Let’s take a deeper look into these factors.


The material you choose for your helmet can greatly impact its performance. The more you use your helmet on the road and the more risk you take, the stronger of quality you should look for. Some of the most common materials are Polycarbonate and ABS, EPS, and Thermoplastic Alloy.

The most common material for high-quality helmets are polycarbonate and ABS. These materials provide you with a high level of impact resistance. This type of helmet is best suited for those who take more risks on the road.

A second common material for helmets is EPS. This is also known as Extended Polystyrene Liner. This liner provides cushioning for your head and cradles the fall if you’re in danger. This lining is great for individuals who are avid riders and on the road often, therefore increasing their risk of danger.

A third material used in helmets is called thermoplastic alloy. This is the cheaper alternative to the other options and is more lightweight. It does provide impact resistance as well. This choice is great for those who cruise and take it easy on the road, or for those who go on long trips.

No matter the material you decide to purchase, your head will be safe in an impact-resistant helmet.

Face Shield

The second most important aspect of choosing a helmet is the kind of face shield you want. Or do you even want one? Different helmets offer different kinds of visors and face shields. The choice is up to you!

One kind of face shield and visor used is a full-face visor. These are the most protectant ones on the market. Full-face visors protect you from the wind, debris, bugs, and other things that can harm you on the road. If you are an active road tripper, a full-face shield may do you good.

The second option for a face shield is a half visor. Half visors typically protect the upper face, eye, and nose area. This makes it easier to see while riding and prevents materials from getting in your eyes. This is best for average riders.

best scooter helmets reviews

The third kind of face shield is having none at all. This, if consistently road riding, can be dangerous. For this reason, using a helmet without a face shield should be considered for those who take their scooters on short, unharmful roads.

Consider what kind of face visor you’d benefit from, if any. Also, keep in mind they make tinted and colored visors for sun protection!

Helmet Weight

Are you a long road tripper? Does your head feel heavy after wearing a helmet? If so, consider looking into the weight of the helmet you’re interested in. There are various lighter and heavier helmets available on the market.

Heavy helmets are often made of more and stronger material. A type of heavy material is ABS and polycarbonate. These are great for individuals who travel shorter distances or for who don’t mind a heavy helmet. Heavy helmets can make your neck hurt after long trips, so this is something to look out for.

Lighter helmets are often more aerodynamic and made of lighter plastics. An example of this is thermoplastic shells. Thermoplastic shelled helmets put less strain on your head and neck. These are great for longer trips and those who suffer from neck pain. Helmet get dirty on your road trip? Use one of these.

No matter what weight of helmet you decide to purchase, they should be able to protect your precious head from impact.


If you are the kind of individual who worries about their item breaking after purchasing it, look for a helmet with a warranty. Many times, the bigger branded helmet companies have full coverage warranties. Each company provides more information about their warranty coverage in the packaging when purchasing.

Different kinds of warranties exist, so make sure you read the fine print. The most common kind of helmet warranty you’ll see is a limited warranty. This means that any accidental damage or issue that caused at the fault of yourself will not be covered. The company must determine the issue was caused from a manufacturing issue.

Other companies may offer full warranties, and some may even have none at all. It all depends on the company you’re purchasing your helmet from. Be sure to read into what their warranty offers so you won’t be blind sided after purchasing.

Another option for warranties is contacting the company itself. Many times, a company may not list their warranty protocol on their product description. Instead, make it a point to call or email them about any warranty questions or concerns you have.

Road Safety Rating

If you plan to ride your scooter on the road, make sure your helmet is certified to do so with you. There are different governmental protocol that companies must follow to certify their proper functionality on the road. One program is through the DOT, or Department of Transportation. If they deem your helmet is unsafe for the road, they may not be the best choice.

Alternatively, if you plan to ride your scooter on school grounds or sidewalks, this may not be as big of an issue. In this case, feel free to get a less-protective helmet. Protection ratings are based on the danger of crashes or vehicles on the road. If you are not concerned with road accidents, you shouldn’t have to worry about ratings like these.

It is always important to stay safe on the road. If you don’t have the proper certified gear when on the road, you risk your health. Keep road safety ratings in mind when looking to purchase the best scooter helmet for you.


We think that the more you research your prospective helmet, the safer you’ll be on the road. Finding the best scooter helmets can be a difficult task. Hopefully, with this guide, you are able to identify the most beneficial aspects to look out for when purchasing.

Always remember that finding the best helmet for you can greatly change the likeliness of acquiring head or skull damage. If you’re a more rigorous rider, go for a sturdier and more impact-resistant helmet.

Enjoy the ride on your scooter knowing you have the best protection with the best scooter helmet for you!

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