Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

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Bankruptcy filed in XXXX 2015. All creditors have removed from my report charges due to bankruptcy. EXCEPT for ACCOUNT BROKERS OF XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX. They continue to RE-REPORT these bankruptcy charges to XXXX who Re-Investigates and Re-Reports them to my credit. Which STARTS THE CLOCK OVER, AND DESTROYS MY CREDIT. I have sent the letter verifying the bankruptcy from my lawyer and the date this was filed in court. They have received this letter NUMEROUS TIMES! Unfortunately, I had to file for bankruptcy for medical bills. I was hospitalized for 10 days – was fired for missing work, and they cancelled my insurance- I attend college Full-time and work XXXX jobs. This was not in my control. But when this reporting agency continues to RE-REPORT the same charges, I will never be allowed to move on from this.
Also XXXX from Account Brokers of XXXX talks to me in a demeaning manner, and raises her voice at me. She is very unprofessional, and continues to make me feel like a criminal.
Please research this, and help.
Thank you

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