Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

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I had a bill with my check inside that was stolen from my mailbox back on XXXX XXXX. A few days later I discovered that whoever stole my check forged new ones and spent them at XXXX locations around town. I cancelled my checking account at once, and opened a new one. I also filed a police report, and notified the post office of the theft. I got a letter from Telecheck which is TRS Data out of XXXX TX saying one of the checks that was cashed at a XXXX XXXX was returned for non payment and they said I was responsible for it. I went to their website and filled out the fraud and theft report and returned it with a copy of the police report and thought I would hear of a result from that. Instead they sent me another letter saying I owed the amount and they would take legal action if it was n’t paid. I wrote them again, and this time sent a letter from my bank saying it was a fraudulent charge and not to hold me liable for it. To this day, I have not heard back from them, and now this week I found that they are not allowing my business through my bank on XXXX. I have done business with them with no problems until this week. I am so angry that Telecheck has done this to me, and I do n’t know where else to turn for some help! I was the victim of theft and fraud, and yet I am treated like the felon! I want to hear from them that I am not responsible for a check I did not write, and I want my ability to write checks again without fear of them being declined. This is no way to run a legitimate business by Telecheck. I have tried calling them, but it is impossible to find someone that knows what is going on, or help me. This is my last resort for some help. Thanks …

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