Deposits and withdrawals

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I transferred funds from my XXXX Checking Account to my USAA Checking Account on Friday, XXXX XXXX. This is not the first time I have transferred funds from and to these accounts. This is however the first time USAA has held all but {$100.00} for 4 business days, which has ruined my attempt at surprising my wife and son for XXXX. I called USAA to inquire why they were holding my money and was told that it ‘s due to my maintaining a low balance in this account ; that the amount being transferred ( {$630.00} ) was much higher than my average daily balance of {$40.00}. I only use my USAA account for work-related expenses ; to pay for parking, toll road fees and an occasional cup of coffee. I ‘ve researched the XXXX, Title XXXX, Chapter XXXX, Subchapter A, Part XXXX, XXXX, which states electronic transfers should be available the next business day ; and I find no ” Exceptions ” that speak to maintaining a low balance.There ‘s no reasonable business reason for this punitive rule other than to squeeze out a couple of pennies from each consumer. What this USAA ( Low Balance ) rule essentially does is penalizes consumers by holding their money hostage unless they maintain higher balances in their accounts. If they ca n’t make money off of your money on a daily bases ( low daily balance ), then they ‘ll hold your money if/when you make a larger deposit and make money that way.

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