Deposits and withdrawals

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This matter has to do with PayPal. I have sold goods and I used PayPal to get paid and now PayPal wants to hold my money for 6 months with no cause. Paypal sent me an email requesting further information before the money would be released to me. They asked for an invoice of the goods, tracking information with weights and dimensions and my state issued drivers license. I provided all of the information the same day. Soon after they said they wanted me to pay on an old debt that my dad owes. Why would I have to pay for this?? He ‘s his own person and legally it ‘s his debt not mine. I ‘m only XXXX years old and live at home with my parents and because the address is the same they want to pin my fathers debt on me. Makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I am not legally obligated and PayPal is holding my money hostage again I ‘m sure not legal. My customer is happy with his products and it has been now 3 months.

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