Deposits and withdrawals

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I have banked with Simple for over three and a half years. I ‘ve lived at my current address for over a year and a half. After making updating my linked external accounts last week I received a support message saying ” Your account has been frozen because we ‘re having trouble verifying you. We need to do that before we can unlock your account.
In order to complete verification, please submit a copy of the following documents using the instructions below : – A color photo ( not scanned ) of your Social Security Card – A color photo ( not scanned ) of your unexpired Government issued Photo ID ( If your photo ID does not have your current address on it, please also include Residence Verification, for instance, a bill issued in the last 30 days. ) – The two most recent PDF bank statements downloaded directly from each of the external account ( s ) linked to Simple ” I responded to this right away and after two business days I still have had no response from the team that made the decision to freeze my account. I ‘ve uploaded the requested identification, but the linked external accounts are new and there are no statements yet. I called customer service to ask when I would hear back and how long it might take to regain access to my account. The representative would not give any timeframe for either and said that we would just need to wait and see if the team reviewing this would ” make an exception ” as I can not provide bank statements that do n’t exist. And if they wo n’t make an exception? My money would simply be held in limbo indefinitely? The customer service rep had no answer for that either. Now I ‘m reading horror stories on Better Business Bureau and other review websites of customers who had their account frozen for months! This is criminal.

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