Deposits and withdrawals

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A few months ago, I bought some anti-virus software from a scam company called XXXX. They convinced/tricked me into thinking that I was receiving a refund and that I had double the money in my checking account ( Over {$2000.00} to increase of over {$5000.00} ). They were able to accomplish this because I gave them access into my laptop using a program called XXXX. So, I returned the extra money to them with my debit card and PIN since it was n’t mine, and I did n’t want to cause problems with a company providing me with what I thought was a legitimate service. When I went home, I saw that my checking account was empty. I called the bank ( JP Morgan Chase ) to complain about letting this happen, due to the fact that I ‘ve never purchased anything for over {$2000.00} in my short time on this Earth because I ‘m a XXXX in my XXXX who ca n’t financially support myself yet. The bank said that they could n’t do anything because it was an authorized transaction. I also filed complaints with the XXXX Police Department, the FBI ( still waiting to hear from them ), and XXXX ( the transfer company that was used to send all of my money to some jerk in XXXX named XXXX ). So far, nobody has been able to help me, and for some reason, these XXXX of XXXX ( refraining from swearing on here ) are still walking free somewhere in XXXX scamming innocent people such as myself, who are n’t tech savvy enough to realize they are being taken advantage of by a company with enough resources to pass themselves off as a legitimate business.

Anyway, when I contacted JP Morgan Chase, they said they could n’t do anything because it was a debit card transaction authorized by my PIN number, and I basically did everything that I was n’t supposed to do. These foreigners ( not being racist, but whatever ) used pressure tactics such as threatening to destroy my computer and forcing me to get into my XXXX and drive to XXXX ‘ XXXX ( a store I do n’t like going to ) and send them all of my money to a foreign country never to return again. I want my money back, and I want someone to pay for this ( such as throwing these dirty people into a state penitentiary in order for their XXXX by criminals who are n’t afraid to admit that they are indeed criminals ). I ‘ve had it with the people in this world, and I want some form of justice.

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