Deposits and withdrawals

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To Whom It May Concern, On XX/XX/2017 I learned of unauthorized charges to my PNC Bank Checking account. I immediately went into a local PNC Bank branch to report them.
I was given a new debit card with new numbers.
On XX/XX/2017, I emailed AND mailed a physical copy of my official request ( in letter form ) to investigate these unauthorized charges.

The following week, temporary credit was offered by the bank.
Also during the following week, I had to make another phone call to dispute XXXX additional unauthorized transactions in my account. The transactions involved the SAME company as those attached to the earlier unauthorized transactions. Temporary credit was offered by the bank for these as well.

It has been 45 days since my visit to the bank and letter was mailed out.
I want to know if the bank has broken federal law by not resolving this issue ithin 45 days.

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