Deposits and withdrawals

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My complaint is with Bank of America and their horrible service/help, or lack their of, for a valued customer of 8 years. The incident started last year, XXXX. Up until XXXX XXXX I was married to my ex-husband. We separated in XXXX XXXX. During our marriage there was a XXXX account under my ex-husbands name. My name was never on that account and he was never on any bank account of mine nor was he able to have access to my card whatsoever. During our marriage ( before XXXX XXXX ), I was given cash by my husband about 2 times to pay a XXXX bill with my card. My card was never set for automatic withdrawal, my card was never connected to the XXXX account nor was my name ever connected to it or on any account. In fact, there was no account or company that my ex-husband and I both were on with our names together. Around XXXX XXXX, I contacted XXXX because I saw they had automatically withdrawn money from my bank using my card and I specifically told them they were not allowed to do so and I never gave them the authorization to use my card without my consent. So at this point, they agreed to not use my card without my consent and also to take it off file. This is on record and can be heard through XXXX ‘s ” supposed ” recording process ( ” for quality purposes ” ) they have when you call their customer service department where the associate agreed to take my card off file. On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, a charge of {$670.00} was applied to my card and the money was taken out of my bank account, per XXXX XXXX. As a battered ex-wife coming out of an abusive relationship and being the person to leave, I had every notion that my ex-husband had used my card ( which he had that information because he secretly saved it ). I had every notion that my ex-husband used my card to pay his XXXX XXXX bill. A charge for {$670.00} from XXXX XXXX is unheard of but it happened to me. I contacted XXXX XXXX numerous times, countless times, to fix the charge, they agreed they withdrew money using my card without my consent but refused to fix it. Now I contacted Bank of America with this concern and I filed a claim for fraud against my ex-husband and Direct TV. Bank of America gave me a temporary credit of {$670.00} for that charge, but failed to mention, when the claim was denied, the actions they were going to take. After 90 days ( XXXX XXXX ), Bank of America withdrew the {$670.00} from my bank account and reversed the temporary credit denying my claim of fraud. This put my account overdrawn. Bank of America said XXXX XXXX took the money out without my consent and my ex-husband did not. This was a surprise to me but either way, I was never contacted about money being withdrawn from my account. How I found out was an email the next day of notice that {$670.00} was taken out of my account and my account was overdrawn. Bank of America stated that XXXX XXXX has a contract where they automatically pay a due amount with any card previously used on file. I, in fact, told DTV to remove my card from the account around XXXX XXXX, as I stated … apparently they did n’t. I was never aware of this contract nor was I ever on the DTV account to know of this either. After the initial fraud claim, we refiled the claim as an unauthorized charge claim. BOA denied my second claim of an unauthorized charge, since they said my first claim of fraud was incorrect. Bank of America did not work with me, did not do anything in my favor. They did n’t care my account went negative. They are complying with XXXX XXXX and going against my claim and a knowingly unauthorized charge. After numerous calls to BOA cust service, every representative agreed it was wrong of XXXX and they did it without my consent. But Bank of America does n’t care to help their customers. They do n’t care if their customers have access to no money because they are negative. Knowing it was an unauthorized charged, they still denied my claim.

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