Deposits and withdrawals

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On XXXX XXXX, 2016 I was contacted by someone from a Santander Bank branch in XXXX asking if I was in the state of XXXX because someone was in her branch with my account number & an ID. I immediately called the customer service number on my debit card. As I was on the phone with customer service I logged into my account & discover someone has taken XXXX separate with drawls out of my savings account. XXXX at XXXX branch {$5500.00} cash, {$2000.00} in a cashier ‘s check. XXXX {$6000.00} cash at another branch all in XXXX. I was connected to the fraud department. I was told I had to go to a branch location with my ID to prove I was in XXXX. All of my accounts were frozen ( checking & savings ). I had to go to the Police Station & file a report. On XXXX XXXX I inquired on the status & was told I needed to get a copy of the police report before the investigation could be completed. On XXXX XXXX I went to the police station picked up the police report brought it to my branch. It was faxed to the fraud department & I was told it would be a few days before the investigation was completed. On the XXXX I called the fraud department because I was concerned that my bills were not going to get paid & my direct deposit was scheduled for the XXXX. I was told the investigation was still in process & could n’t give me a date when it would be completed. On the XXXX I called the fraud department AGAIN. I was put on hold so she could contact the investigator. I was told my money would be back in my account by the end of the week. I checked my account several times on Friday XXXX XXXX & my money was not in my account. I called yet again & was told I had to go to a branch someone could help me there. I explain the situation to the 3rd person in this branch & then was told the fraud department was closed for the day so there is nothing he can do for me. He printed my profile took my cell phone number & promised he would follow up with the fraud department in the morning & call me. I never heard from him. On XXXX XXXX I filed an online complaint with the XXXX office, I have not heard back. I contacted XXXX. They gave me the phone number to OCC. After speaking with the OCC I was told I have to contact Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is now XXXX XXXX. It ‘s been 27 days since my money was taken. I have no answers. My money has still not been replaced. I do not want to speak to another person at that bank, the fraud department or the branch. I am extremely frustrated with this whole situation & do not understand what is taking so long to replace my money. This was the banks error for allowing someone to walk into branches in another state & with draw large amounts of money out of my account. I feel I have had to jump through hoops. Prove it was n’t me. Take numerous hours out of my work day between having to go to branches & phone calls. I am hoping someone can help me please.

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