Deposits and withdrawals

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I received multiple conflicting information from your agents regarding a Clerical withdraw from my account. After an hour and a half on the phone with an agent and her Supervisor, XXXX. He explained that there was a system error on SECU ‘s end and that it was fixed by an agent withdrawing {$67.00} from my checking out. XXXX first said that somehow I put my mother ‘s SAVINGS account in the negative to transfer the money into my account, I explained to him that I have been banking with y’all for five years and that this is not possible. SECU does n’t even allow savings accounts to be below {$25.00} unless all accounts are closed out. XXXX ‘s story then changed to my account was credited the {$67.00} but my mother ‘s savings account was not debited the {$67.00}. I asked how could this happen, XXXX did n’t have a straight answer for that. I should mention that this began with debiting my mother ‘s account {$67.00}, crediting the amount back, then debiting the account again. These XXXX transactions are visible on my account but only XXXX debit and XXXX credit is visible on her account. I was why was n’t a notified of this immediately when they took the money out of my account, XXXX ‘s exact words were ” SECU has over XXXX XXXX customers. I do n’t think they have time to notify every single customer ”. So now I ‘m to think that my accounts do n’t matter in the large picture. XXXX was really unsympathetic and had no empathy at all, the error came from SECU ‘s end and I was made to feel like it was my fault! The agent before XXXX even mentioned ” well you only get XXXX transfer a month you know ”. I did not ask for that information and it was the way it was said. There was not XXXX apology during the entire hour and a half. I am extremely displeased with this whole situation and the customer service. I wish I had gone with a larger bank. I thought having a SECU account would give me a more personal experience but wow I was very wrong. I still really do n’t understand why the {$67.00} was withdrawn from my account. When I asked XXXX if this issue could be escalated to Corporate, he said ” well you can call back Monday and talk to my manager ”, I said ” XXXX, so you ‘re telling me that you ca n’t escalate this to corporate? “, XXXX then said he could send an e-mail to them. Then had the audacity to ask me what do I want the e-mail to be about in a very condescending tone. I started to just hang up at that point but I told him that I wanted everything that happened put in the e-mail. I have no idea what he actually put in the e-mail or if he actually sent one. I really ca n’t believe that this is the level of customer service I received from a SUPERVISOR. It ‘s not exactly a good feeling when your bank makes an error, manually withdraws money out of your account without any notification, then does n’t take any responsibility for the error and does n’t apologize at all. This experience has left me with anticipation to move back to college in the Fall and cancel all of my accounts with this bank.

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