Deposits and withdrawals

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On XX/XX/XXXX I deposited a check into my Citibank account via Citi Atm from XXXX XXXX Bank. A month later it was paid but not to my Citi account. They told me the check was never redeposited or cashed. They refuse to discuss with XXXX XXXX bank who, by the way, was more than willing to help. I spent the next 11 months reporting this over XXXX sources such as OCC, Attorney General, XXXX, FTC, TV networks, various publications, etc. – even sued the person who wrote the check and lost. After being even more frustrated, I flew to XXXX to make a video with my XXXX friend about my journey to collect my money. Since no one would pay attention to my emails and phone calls I thought a video might be more direct to the people who were too lazy to read my story. I had gone to the Citi branch numerous times and spoke with the more than useless customer service XXXX #. Finally, CFPB made them listen and they refunded my money. Now they refuse to compensate me monetarily for lost wages/time interest. Their reason? They said I could have resolved it sooner! This is what I sent them to be compensated : Lost wages and money due to trying to reclaim my money which Citibank lost:1 ) XX/XX/XXXX-Took off a day of work to go to court to sue ex employer ( XXXX XXXX ) who bounced a check on me. Lost {$2400.00} ) Took off half a day of work to go to courthouse to talk to free lawyer services-Lost {$1200.00} ) Took off an hour from work 4 days to go to Citibank branch in XXXX XXXX to ask their help to research problem and write a letter for court- Lost {$1200.00} ) XXXX XXXX – Flew to XXXX to make a video of my story with my actor friend to reclaim my money since letters and emails were not working. Lost 1 day of work which cost me {$240.00} XXXX approx. {$200.00} ( XXXX # XXXX, ticket # XXXX ) Total lost wages and money – {$920.00}. I work as a XXXX XXXX at {$30.00} hr.
Aggravation hours:1 ) Numerous hours emailing and researching to find someone to help such as TV networks, newspapers, government agencies, etc2 ) Hours prepping evidence for court3 ) Hours filing a report and follow up with the Major Crimes Division of XXXX County , XXXXAfter being ignored by most everyone is when I went to make a video to tell my story and posted it on XXXX : XXXXCitibanks response to compensating me is as follows : Dear XXXX XXXX, I am writing as a follow-up to our telephone discussion of XX/XX/XXXX, concerning your request for compensation for lost wages you claim was a direct result of a check deposit processing error that occurred on XX/XX/XXXX. I regret that my attempts to reach you by telephone have been unsuccessful.
First and foremost, as much as all of us at Citibank take great pains to avoid errors, occasionally mistakes happen. Be assured that we remain committed to providing service that is efficient, reliable and professional.
XXXX XXXX, although the circumstances that occurred are indeed unfortunate, we must respectfully decline your request for monetary compensation in the amount of {$920.00}. We believe that the processing error that occurred on your Checking account ending in … XXXX could have been identified sooner than XX/XX/XXXX, had our Bank Adjustment Unit received the proper Source of Receipt from the check maker ‘s bank XX/XX/XXXX. Notwithstanding, I am genuinely sorry for the resulting inconvenience this matter has caused you. As a gesture of goodwill and to bring this matter to resolution, we have submitted a request to credit your Thank You Member account XXXX Thank You points. The adjustments will reflect by the next statement cycle or within 30 calendar days. Regards, XXXXClient LiaisonCitibank Executive Response UnitCitibank Service Center XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX : XXXX or XXXX

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