Deposits and withdrawals

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The Bank is US bankMy bank account had 2200 dollars in my bank account on XX/XX/XXXXI deposited a check for XXXX on XXXX so I my balance was over XXXXthe bank returned my check.
they stated on of the names on the check was on the account being deposited.
Received an email stating my bank account was over drawn to -4500 dollars on XXXX called the bank.the same dayThey bank stated the overdrawn position was a bank error. It had something to do with making money available during the deposit phase of the check deposit. they told me they had moved over 5400 dollars from my line of credit to cover the overdraw position. Complained and asked how can an account of more than 10,000 dollars go down to XXXX XXXX XXXX ). The difference between these XXXX numbers was XXXX dollars. How could they have taken that much money out of my account? They said it was a bank error and that they would fix it. To this effect they stated they would refund the charges for the bank transfer of 5400 dollars. I assumed it was fixed.

XX/XX/XXXX I received a statement from US Bank stating I owed over 5400 dollars. I called again XXXX. The last person stated that it their department was the checking department and they could not help with the premier line of credit because it was a credit card problem.

Called them another day. Asked to talk tot he premier line of credit department. They stated they would not help. They referred me to the branch manager.

Called the bank manager. The manager is not there all the time. They promised to call monday XXXX. In the mean time their credit card department is calling me stating that I am past due. I explained whit the problem is and they stated they can not correct the problem. As of today they have called me XXXX times.

The facts are my account balance was never XXXX. I had not withdrawn or spent money during the time that the check was deposited. This should have never happened. At least XXXX people at the bank have acknowledged this was a bank error. However not one has fixed it.

How can force them to fix the problem?

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