Deposits and withdrawals

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I had requested an expedited external transfer for an additional {$7.00} fee on XXXX/XXXX/2015. However, TD Bank failed to mention that the fee would be deducted from my account a few hours AFTER the transfer had been complete ( industry standard practice is to deduct the fee immediately ). This caused me to fall below my minimum daily balance of {$100.00} by {$7.00} ( to {$93.00} ). I immediately transferred an additional {$15.00} to the account just to be safe and avoid a fee for dropping below my minimum balance. However, I was charged {$15.00} on XXXX/XXXX/15 ( XXXX! What XXXX! ) for falling below my minimum balance for less than 72 hours. I feel that the bank intentionally delayed the deduction of the {$7.00} transfer fee in order to collect an additional {$15.00} fee. I had called them and they gave me a typical, pre-scripted response, and claimed that they were unable to help me.

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