Disclosure verification of debt

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This complaint is about Transworld Systems. I had several accounts with XXXX XXXX. physicians, XXXX. I paid off all of them … but one. I honestly did not know I had an outstanding bill. I thought the bill was paid in full but is was not and it went to collections. I received two weeks ago a mailed statement by Transworld Systems for the XXXX XXXX balance. {$1200.00}. I tried to call and set up affordable payments and get due dates to Transworld but when I called they could not find my acct. information by name, number, SSN. I had tried several times to get them payment. Since I was not successful by phone I used the mailed statement from Transworld and set up an account online using the website, registration code and directions they provided to me in that statement. I set up my profile and logged in. I was going to make a payment to them but logged out since they did not take the only form of major credit card that I have. Today, I tried to log back in to their website so that I could contact them and I have not been able to access my account. When I try and log in my user ID and Password SEEM to work but my verification question answers do not. The screen tells me messages that my SSN is wrong or my telephone number information is wrong. That is not the case since they worked before. I really think that log in is a kind of dummy acct so that they can initially get more information or it is just a scam or they lock it once they have your information. The contact telephone number they provide to reach them for log in help on verification screen does not even work! I called another number from the statement and I finally got a representative and he had my information this time. I was told by him that he ca n’t give me any information about my account besides the balance I owe until according to the rep. that I ” Go to XXXX and get a prepaid Visa or XXXX to pay my bill only then ( they ) Transworld, XXXX XXXX ( sp ) the rep. can set up payments and give me my acct. access online to pay my debt! They asked for a full amount. I said I can do payments and I will mail a check and that is when the rep. had told me to go to XXXX for the PrePaid Visa card and then once I have it to call him back ; he would be there till XXXX XXXX. He was polite. I told him I do not live near any XXXX … frustrated I ended the call. Why do they make it difficult!!!! They want all my information but wo n’t give me information, they want the full balance due on my medical bill. I ca n’t pay online, they do n’t take my brand of major US credit card and they do n’t want me to write a personal check- the statement states that I can send a check! So that is what I am going to do and for the amount that I can send. What more can I do? I am more than glad to pay for my outstanding debt but I just ca n’t get seem to get them my money. Why do they need to make it hard for me to pay them! I even tried to speak with the original debtor, XXXX XXXX to confirm that Transworld is really legit. Transworld seems disorganized and scam like. I asked if XXXX could retrieve it from Transworld ( since they take my credit card ) and they said no. Do either company really want my money? Transworld communications feels like a scam. Bad service and bad business practices by Transworld Systems, ( XXXX ) XXXX. I contacted THEM to make a payment. Again, why be so difficult. Two weeks dealing with this so far …

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