False statements or representation

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In XXXX I was solicited to use blank checks mailed to me by Chase Bank for a 2 % fee % 0 % interest thru XXXX. I accepted the but first called cust svc for CLARIFICATION AND CONFIRMATION of the offer. I was told I could write a check for 2 % fee only and no additional information.. This call was made SPECIFICALLY, so as not to be negatively surprised … The rep DID NOT VERBALLY TELL ME THAT MY CHARGE CARD BALANCE WOULD NOW BE CONSIDERED A ” REVOLVING ” ACCOUNT.Previously I ALWAYS paid the bill in full each month! My established pattern of payment was to NEVER pay interest and ALWAYS receive monthly rewards. The consequences, therefore of my acceptance were deceiving and misleading. The verbal OMISSION to CLARIFY the COMPLETE offer, to me, was of CRIMINAL INTENT, in my opinion! The wording states that ” unless you pay in full, every month, you will pay interest ” Why, and how would I pay the borrowed {$12000.00} in full, the month after I already paid {$240.00} fee, in full, for the useage of the cash for XXXX months at ZERO % ..?????? This CLEARLY is/was a ” bait and switch ” tactic … deplorable, sinister, and attempted EXTORTION … .but LEGAL! Supervisor XXXX XXXX defended this trickery and would not cancel the {$18.00} interest charged. She advised me not to use the card until I finished paying off the loan TO AVOID ADDITIONAL INTEREST PAYMENTS … I sent a CERTIFIED letter to Chase XXXX XXXX protesting this deception. I have NEVER received a response.. I paid the loan in full within XXXX months, less accumulated interest, which is now {$380.00} They are now charging me {$39.00} per month ” late ” charges in addition to additional interest! .Amazing the deception and lies to the consumer … .. ” 0 % ” for XXXX months for only 2 % fee … .Additionally the wording of their offer is ambiguous at best … ” This offer includes a fee of 2 % ” of the amount of each transaction ” … .. ” Once you take advantage of this balance transfer offer, you will have a new balance on your account. This means interest will be charged on new purchases you make with your credit card, unless you pay the entire balance, including any transferred balances IN FULL EACH MONTH … There never was a BALANCE TRANSFER, but a ” TRANSACTION, ONLY ” … therefore the balance transfer commentary NEVER APPLIED to me! In conclusion, in retrospect, this offer was clearly designed to LEGALLY EXTORT money from unsuspecting customers who were amazed at the generosity of the bank … this practice is UNFAIR, and criminally deceptive at the minimum …

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