Improper contact or sharing of info

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I have XXXX jobs where I work part time XXXX. I have went into work with a message that MCM company is looking for me and I need to give them a call back. Then couple days later but same week is when I have receieved a letter stating that my collection was now assigned to a new collection agency ( MCM company ). An attempt to collect letter. They have not call me or if they had, they were no message from this company. I was told at work they had call my work multiple times and now they are calling my fiancee. I do n’t know how they even got his phone number! So they are making the biggest attempt to contact everyone BUT ME for my debt! My phone number have been the same since 2008. I have never ever felt so embarassed and harrassing. I felt like my own personal business is spreading because of this company. Many coworker are asking me what ‘s going on …

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