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I Contacted the bank on XXXX XXXX, 2016 after receiving an alert on my phone that my account balance was low. I checked my account to find that someone had withdrawn money from my account the previous day from a XXXX atm machine in XXXX XXXX Maryland. I was admittedly alarmed because I have been a victim of identity theft before and I was upset that this has happened to me again. I filed a police report in hopes of having the atm footage pulled to see how and who could have done this, while my card was still in my possession. I have received a new card in the mail however, my funds were not given back to me. I called the bank to follow up on my claim and I was told that the case was closed because since the incident happened in my geographical area no fraud had taken place. I am now in disbelief!!! The person I spoke with also went on to tell me that It had to be a friend or a family member that I gave the card and information to because there was no counterfeit card used. At this point I XXXX feel so betrayed by the very people I trust to protect my money. I was told there was nothing else the bank could do for me. I asked had they obtained that camera footage, he stated to me he would not have that information and even if they did, ” I ” would have to identify the person in order for the bank to do anything. WHAT????? I have called XXXX XXXX, the police department in my area, the police department in the area where the fraud took place and NO ONE can steer me in the right direction. XXXX XXXX states that bank of America should protect my money and that they can request the camera footage directly from them, the police department in my area states this has to be handled by the police department in the area of the fraud, that police department states that my district has to send over the information to them. My district now states they have no way of sending over the information. Meanwhile, someone is out here who has stolen my money and has basically gotten away with it. That account was set up as child support for my XXXX year old daughter through the state of Maryland, I am a hard working woman that provides for my family but to have someone take money from me and I have no support is very disheartening as a consumer. I need to know who can help me with fighting this claim, I can not afford to just let this go and I did absolutely nothing wrong. I have requested for the camera footage to be pulled and I ca n’t even get that done. Someone has stolen from me and I am the one being treated as the criminal. I will do whatever I have to do to prove I have been victimized. The police officer told me this has been happening alot and the bank made me feel like they have never heard of such a thing. I would never allow someone to use my atm card or have access to my personal identification number that’t why I have so many alerts and passwords on my accounts to try and prevent this from happening. I have a police report number, the date the transaction took place and the amount that was taken from me. Also the bank told me since the PIN number was entered the first time correctly, I must have given it to someone!!! I have never felt so disrespected in my life. I will be closing my accounts once this is resolved because I can keep my money safer at home.

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