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On XX/XX/2017 a check was written from my Business Checking account, unbeknownst to me. The check was a part of the starter checks. It was signed by a person who I do not know but that person just signed his name on the check – completely different from my signature. The check was allowed to be processed and funds were debited from my account, in the amount of {$900.00}. I filed a claim with Chase and, after about 2 months of investigation, they denied my claim stating that I failed to take proper care of my checks. I explained to them that the checks are kept in a locked drawer and that I am not sure how this person got a hold of it. What about the fact, that the signature does not match my signature? According to Chase, that does not mean much since, in their opinion, I did not take care of the check. I also explained to them that I did not file a police complaint for stolen check since I expected Chase to take care of it. I talked to their Senior Claims representative on a couple of different occasions but they came back with the same conclusion. My Banking contact at the branch office talked to Chase Claims Department and he was appalled to here what they had to say. He feels that this was a clear case that Chase should have ruled in my favor and pursued the person who wrote the check. Please note that I have recently moved, hence the address on this complaint is different from the address on Chase ‘s letter.
The fundamental issue here is – the signature card has no significance. Banks do not check for your signature on checks and they take no responsibility if the signatures do not match. I am not sure that all customers are aware of this.

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