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Dear XXXX I gave a drive up window teller ( XXXX XXXX ) at the Citizens Bank on XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX Ma. {$1300.00} cash in {$20.00} bills on Friday XXXX/XXXX/16 at XXXX. I passed a Citizens Bank check book with the cash into the drive up window box with verbal instructions to deposit {$700.00} dollars into that check books account ( citizens went paperless and no longer has deposit slips so I gave the teller the check book temporally so she could have the correct account number ) and return to me {$600.00} in large {$100.00} dollar bills.

I was was distracted because I got a cell phone call during the transaction and was also running a little late for appointment at my home.

When the draw opened I reached in and retrieved the check book but in my haste forgot to check to see if the cash was inside the book.

When I got home I realized the {$600.00} cash and the deposit slip was missing. I called the bank but it was too late they had just closed. I went on line banking ( thinking mayby the teller deposited the whole B {$1300.00} but only the {$700.00} deposit showed up.

I went to the bank first thing Saturday morning only to be told the teller ” XXXX XXXX ” was not on duty today and I would have to come back Monday. On Monday I came in but the told me that I could not view the video of the transactor with out a police report. I filled out a police report at XXXX XXXX Police Station with Officer XXXX XXXX ( Incident Report # XXXX ) The teller stated to the police that she put the {$600.00} in a Citizens Bank Envelope and put it in the draw with the check book to return to me.

Keep in mind the type of envelope she showed us that she used is larger that the check book register and cover, so even if the envelope was put inside the check book register when it was returned it would be hanging out the sides of the check book register ( see attached example photo ) and would be visible in the video tape of the transaction.

Citizens Bank have let the police officer view the video but refuse to give permission to allow the video to be viewed by me, they claim it will allow me to see the angles the video camera records at and compromises their security. This is all a bunch of XXXX as the large camera that recorded the transaction is fully visible and directly over the tellers head and it is obvious which angle the camera is recording.

Officer XXXX told me that the video clearly shows the green cash going into the bank draw for deposit but the return section of the video is jumpy and unclear and that it only shows me reaching in and retrieving something ( the check book, I know that because that was the only Item I had when I got home ). Officer XXXX when on to tll me that the video does not show any envelope being returned ( it was to unclear and jumpy ).

I definitely and without a doubt did not get the {$600.00} cash or the deposit slip returned to me.

This is not a mom and pop convenience store video and it would be expected that a clear video should be available as a record of this cash transaction.

The Teller acknowledged to the police and I that she received {$1300.00} cash from me and only {$700.00} has been deposited into my account, so if they can not give proof that they returned the {$600.00} cash to me they should refund this money forthwith.

I am not getting any results from Citizens Bank Corporate XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX just a run around.

Please help me get my money back.

Thanks ….


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