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This is the newest bank scam being perpetrated against Americans across the country. I ‘ve had my XXXX account with XXXX now for over 15 years. Recently my son stole XXXX of my checks from my checking account with XXXX over a 2 month period. The checks totaled over {$1800.00} and all were documented. I ‘ve been involved in transit living now over a year due to an electrical fire at my home back in XXXX XXXX. It has been a XXXX experience with my being a XXXX senior.
Most days I ‘m very busy remembering and recording the losses for XXXX and the claims process. I failed to audit my checking account with XXXX until XXXX XXXX and noticed the fraudulent entries by my son. As soon as I did I took him directly to the XXXX XXXX Police Department thinking they would arrest him. Because of his age at that time and him being a minor, they could n’t arrest him. After filing the police report, I was informed they would contact the XXXX for a hearing. I contacted XXXX immediately after filing the report.
A XXXX could plainly see that these were’nt my signatures ; they were printed. XXXX stalled the process as long as they could, continuously requesting the same documents that had already been sent to them. This went back and forth for weeks if not a month. I knew in my XXXX exactly what they were doing. They were attempting to frustrate me to the point of giving up which I ‘m sure has been the case many times before.
Sure enough when the claim was presented to UMB bank, they denied it because ” it was n’t presented in a timely fashion. I ‘ve been down with the flu is why I ‘ve taken so long getting this complaint to you. Please help me, I want my money. This is the reason for the FDIC, these funds are insured against theft and fraud. My question is who is going to insure me against the criminals UMB and XXXX ; clearly there ‘s collusion between the XXXX. This happened for XXXX reasons ; first I ‘m a senior ( XXXX XXXX XXXX ) and I also happen to be XXXX.

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