Problems caused by my funds being low

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In regards to my intial complaint # XXXX, regarding chase charging me numerous overdraft fees and those fees cascading into more fees, and being told by chase they would n’t do anything to help even though the information on my online banking was not accurately reflecting my balances, chase has now lied to me directly.

Two days ago I went into my branch and complained about this overdraft fee fiasco and the branch banker said she had absolutely no power to reverse fees because chase has in the past … she did not care that past fee reversals were because of bank errors, hacked XXXX accounts, chase putting a hold on a chase quickpay payment to me because of it ‘s security concerns … .none of those things mattered as I was smuggly told I have had too many fees reversed. She said she wanted to but the system would n’t let her. Well yesterday I called chase corporate to file a complaint and the gentleman that helped me there decided to reverse half of the fees XXXX dollars ( yes, chase has charged me over {$150.00} in fees in the last few days because of a few dollar overdraft that really was n’t my fault ) when I asked him if I was eligible to have fees reversed he completely contradicted the banker at my branch and said my account was eligible ( though he chose to only reverse half of the fees because he too said … can you guess? … he said my account was n’t eligible for more reversals. ) So now chase is actually lying about it ‘s ability to reverse fees, while continuing to not give a hoot what caused the fees. I mean, it did not matter at all what I explained. Clearly the policy of Chase is to now lie to it ‘s customers about it ‘s lack of ability to reverse a fee. It is also a policy to simply say that the computer system does n’t allow reversals … no matter the circumstance. This is now bordering on actual fraud. And I ‘d be more than happy to share all of this information as I ‘ve documented every conversation I ‘ve had, phone and personal.
Further more … .for some unknown reason, my overdraft protection is not kicking in like it normal does. ( there is enough to cover the intial overdraft, but it did n’t kick in … .Chase did n’t care when I explained this to them ) Oh wait, but that is not all … ..the gentleman at corporate told me the exact amount to deposit into the account to avoid anymore fees. So I deposited that and a bit more as soon as I got home from work. And when I got up this morning guess what I found? Another fee that has overdrafted my account once again!!!

This is fraud, theft, and abuse. Seriously, how can banks get away with this?

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