Problems caused by my funds being low

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I have an issue with Bank of America taking {$70.00} out of my account after it over drafted a small amount for a matter of a few HOURS, not days. I went to the bank immediately to put the funds in. The real issue is that the policy used to be that you would only be charged if money is not added within 5 days and I was not notified of any change to this policy and therefore did not expect a charge. Naturally I try not to overdraft but I have accounts at XXXX banks and I had forgotten to make a transfer. If it were days I would understand and especially if I had been notified of a policy change, but not hours. Also, there was enough money in my savings to cover the amount. The bank used to let you link the accounts for protection and now it does not, so it can take your money. Managing someones account is not an excuse to steal from them anytime you see fit. I will be looking for a new bank immediately.

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