Problems caused by my funds being low

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Hello. i would like to report TD Bank for excessive overdraft fees, I had made one transaction with XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX which came out as XXXX transactions instead of XXXX and another transaction was made with XXXX on XX/XX/XXXXTD took out the XXXX transaction first then took out the XXXX transactionsXXXX .When I made XXXX transaction there was a positive amount in my checking. The XXXX transaction put my account into a negative balance. So because they didnt post transactions chronologically they charged me XXXX bounced check charges instead of one. TD Bank makes a habit of doing this time and time again. Not the first time they did this. Guess its their way of getting more money out of me. So I got charged XXXX bounced check charges XXXX instead of one. They now really threw me into a negative balance with XXXX taken out instead of XXXX and now everything is bouncing . So the deposit I made to cover what should of been one bounce check charge is not enough to cover my account. This is bad banking practice and a way to steal money from their customers. I am sure they do this to a lot of customers and getting rich doing this.

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