Problems caused by my funds being low

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My Credit Card Payment was drafted from my Savings account, not my Checking account resulting in XXXX {$35.00} overdraft fee and XXXX {$35.00} returned item fee. I called Wells Fargo on XXXX/XXXX/2016 and they said the best they could do was refund 75 % of the fees, and i would have to call the credit card department and get them to authorize 100 % of the fees to be reversed. I said i did n’t have time to be transferred at this moment because i was at work and would take the 75 % until i could call the credit card department. I called the Credit card department today and they refunded me there {$27.00} returned payment fee and informed me that they could n’t authorize my saving account to be refunded at 100 %. I got transferred back to the savings department that informed me i had already been refunded all i was allowed. I told them I was suppose to have 75 % of both {$35.00} dollar fees reversed, but they reversed 75 % of XXXX fee and 50 % of the other. I asked if i could just get 75 % of both as i was promised and they refused. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the Wells Fargo Representative said they couldnt refund anything more because i had already accepted the partial refund. I believe the whole cause of the overdraft was bank era and i have proof that my savings from the last 6 months was never drafted for my credit card payment. thank you for hearing my complaint.

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