Problems caused by my funds being low

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On XXXX XXXX, 2015 I made an online ACH payment for my student loans. I called the Citizens Bank XXXX online teller system that evening to verify my checking account balance, and discovered that this transaction caused an overdraft of {$47.00}. Early the next morning I made a {$50.00} cash deposit around XXXX The deposit revealed my account balance was now {$2.00}. Later that evening on XXXX XXXX I again verified my checking account balance using the automated teller system. This time I discovered that the Citizen ‘s Bank XXXX had charged my checking account an overdraft fee of {$35.00}. I then asked to speak with a manager to find out why the bank charged a fee when my checking had a balance of {$2.00} earlier that morning. The manager, whose name is XXXX responded by telling me that the bank could charger a {$35.00} fee whenever they decided to. I do n’t feel that I should have been assessed this fee, in addition to additional fees which followed, since the fee itself created an overdraft from the earlier balance. When I received my paycheck that Friday, XXXX XXXX. These amounts had been deducted. I would like to have the fees removed to resolve this issue. In addition, I did not opt to have the overdraft protection offered by Citizens Bank XXXX, so if my account did not have the funds when I attempted to make a student loan payment online, the transaction should not have gone through as payable.

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