Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

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My employer was contacted by someone representing a XXXX XXXX an attorney asking if I was there so they could serve me with court documents. My employer told them no and then contacted me. I called the number she was given and the person I spoke to was very combative and yelled at me, they told me they had received a judgement forcing my employer to garnish my wages. Later they backtracked and told me IF it went to court they would be allowed to garnish my wages. I asked for validation of the debt and was told no, I had to find it myself. The initial debt was {$370.00} and now they are saying I have to pay over {$1200.00} and when it goes to court I will have to pay court fees and filling fees and my total will increase to over {$4000.00}! XXXX the company that currently hold the debt, would n’t discuss anything with me and kept referring me about to XXXX ‘s office and the person at XXXX ‘s office said that everything had to be approved my XXXX . They kept running me in circles …

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