Using a debit or ATM card

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I have been customer of Bank of America for about XXXX years. in XXXX 2013, I was out the country for about XXXX month and realized that I had left my wallet and debit card in the taxi I had used to go to the airport and when I got back, I immidiately went to the bank to check my balances and also to report that I had lost my card. However, I was told that someone had used my card while I was out of the country and I was told that some had been using my debit card while I was away and I toldvth ed m that I was XXXX unabl ed to contact the bank and they told me to submit some kind of document that proves that I was n’t here when those unauthorized transaction occurred and I did submit a photocopy of my passport and my air Fair to prove that I was out of the country. After doing all that, I called the bank to Ask them if they are going refend the amount that was taken by unauthorized person but I was told that my claim was rejected and they couldnt do anything about it. I was really angry and disappointed because they failed to resolve my issues and as a result of that, my account got terminated and now I am unable to obtain a debit card. I have reported repidetely for my claim to be reconciled but they failed to resolve the issue. I am left with biterness and dissapintment.

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