Using a debit or ATM card

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On XX/XX/2017 shortly after XXXX I checked my citizens bank checking account. I noticed a charge in the amount of {$1200.00} as pending. Because I did not authorize such a transaction I called the Citizens Bank customer service which informed me that there was a debit card transaction for the said amount processed at XXXX on Monday XX/XX/2017. I told them that I did not authorize any such payment and that this was a fraudulent transaction and if they could please stop it. Customer service told me that they will not stop this fraudulent transaction, that the charges were initiated by XXXX, and if I wanted I could call the XXXX to stop the transaction but they did not have a phone number for XXXX. I then called the fraud prevention department of the Citizens Bank. The representative told me essentially that they will not stop the fraud, and I was welcome to file a complaint with police.
I did no given my debit card number or in any way or shape authorized XXXX to charge my account. My card was always with me. It is very likely that XXXX illegally obtained my debit card number, its expiration date and security code either by breaching the security system of the Citizens ‘ bank but most likely obtained these information through a corrupt employee ( s ) of Citizens Bank. By refusing to stop this fraudulent transaction as it was happening, the Citizens Bank enabled the fraud.

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