Using a debit or ATM card

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On XXXX XXXX 2014 – I purchased a Sofa set online at XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX …. I used my line of credit with Synchrony Bank to pay for the order.

I received an email from XXXX that same day. The email read : ” The manufacturer has notified us that the item XXXX s ) in your order will not be available as soon as expected. They do estimate the product will ship out from their warehouse on or around XXXX. Please note that this is an approximate date of when the items will leave the warehouse. Your order will continue to process unless you notify us of your request to cancel before your order actually ships from the warehouse. ” On XXXX XXXX, which was XXXX day ‘s later, I wrote an email to XXXX customer service department, advising that I would like to cancel my order with them … Even though I was in the allotted time frame to still cancel my order, XXXX did not honor my request, and they still shipped the sofa set out to me anyway. I did not accept the shipment – and they took it upon themselves to bill my Synchrony Bank Account for the shipping charges. ( Which were {$1200.00} XXXX I tried disputing the charges with Synchrony Bank – and they ended up favoring XXXX due to XXXX fine print – which contradicted what they advised me in their email communications …

I have kept all the emails that were sent back and forth between XXXX and myself, as well as the documentation from Synchrony refusing the dispute I filed.

I am just appalled that XXXX company ‘s are getting away with this – and I do n’t know what to do … Synchrony has already put a ding on my credit report because of my refusal to pay for something that I cancelled.

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