Using a debit or ATM card

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This is a complaint against PNC Bank, with my checking business account. There was a lot of transactions with my debit card that were n’t authorized with me and also with the establishments of stores and also a lot of atm retirements. I have contacted the bank because I received an email of alert and I immediately called to make the claim that those purchases were n’t authorized by me but went through without my permission. I asked to have another express debit card because they have left me without money in the bank. After, they switched me to the atm services of the bank, I had to push through to have my claim go through. There was a lot of retirements of atm that were n’t made by me for months now. They did n’t want to give me a claim number, and that the money would probably not return into my account. By the rules, I should have protection against these types of situations. The thing that upset me the most was that for the first time, I have to go to the physical bank to ask for claim but they ask me to call them through an email.

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