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I purchased a service from a company called XXXX XXXX back in XXXX XXXX XXXX , the service involved XXXX virtual phone numbers to be used for my computer programmers to develop an online defense system against fraud. After almost two months of trying to make there equipment and services to work everyone just gave up and XXXX XXXX supposedly cancelled the service, as can be verified through email correspondence attached. They claim in there emails that I was notified on six occ asions by email and phone, this is a lie, after asking them to send me the emails they said they were not in the system. When they decided to send the account to collection the exact same thing occurred, this company NEVER once contacted me for money, not by email and not by phone. Keep in mind that XXXX XXXX had all of my personal information including my address, my cell number which I have had for over 20 years and my emails. I found out about this ” Collection ” from j oining a credit bureau and saw it totally wiped XXXX points from my credit score whi ch in turn caused a bank loan to be denied recently. I disputed this collection and after some time I heard back from all XXXX credit bureaus, XXXX agreed with me and wiped off the collection, but both XXXX and XXXX did not and I still have this collection against me which bewilders me to no end. During this situation I found that the system for the consumer is totally inept, for example to appeal the decision you are allowed only 100 wor ds!!! In my case it is a very complex situation and to fully understand the situation I can assure you it will require probably a 1000 or 10000 words. As far as who I am and how I pay is important, I am XXXX years of age, served honorably in the XXXX XXXX and character is why you pay bills, on or about XXXX I got very sick and my income dropped to XXXX , BUT I paid off everyone I owed, as agreed, during that time, as can be verified in the bureaus. Since I did not start using credit i.e. did not have the ability or earnings to pay debts my credit was wiped out, I do remember back in XXXX or so my credit score was XXXX . Just wanted everyone to know … One other matter I noticed, perhaps does not mean anything, but XXXX XXXX and Professional Credit Services are in the same state and across the street from each other, I think they are owned by the same company, if so woul d not that alone violate some regulations or laws? I have attached the results of the credit bureaus decision along with my bank denial for credit based on this collection plus a word document that has the email correspondence between my self and XXXX XXXX . I thank you for any and all consideration in this matter …

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